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What is Social Trading?

Social trading is a form of investing that allows investors to observe and copy the trading behavior of other traders.

The primary objective is to execute automatically or manually with strategies of other traders. Or sharing your knowledge and manage a strategy that can be followed.

It takes 2 to make Collective2 work.


In general, investors lack the time/knowledge or experience to trade successfully themselves. That is why Collective2 is the perfect solution for this group of people. They can follow/copy the strategy of a leader, some of these strategies are free, but most of they will charge a small subscription fee.

When choosing a strategy, it is important that you check the track record of the strategy and ensure it suits your goals and risk appetite.


If you do have the financial knowledge, time, and experience then you are the perfect leader for C2. Once you start managing your strategy, any execution taken on your account will be documented on the platform. Investors everywhere will be able to see it, and if it suits them to subscribe to your strategy. For each subscriber, you can receive a monthly fee.

You can manage your strategy from your broker account, directly with the Broker Transmit Technology. Or if you want you can manage your strategy from Webtrader, directly from the Collective2 platform.


Collective2 is a very good feature where you can trust the system for auto trading, control the risk, and scale up the strategies you like. You can simulate first and then decide to actually subscribe to a strategy or not. Customer support is very knowledgeable and helpful.

Sjaak Bruinsma, the Netherlands

I really like the platform and would recommend them to anyone. Very easy to navigate and use. Also, their team is responsive to my questions/concerns, and I cannot recommend them enough.

Pietro Paullisima, Italy

I trade C2 with auto trading, and it has been working well for 4 months now. The Equity curves are accurate and a good mirror of my own IB account andI have found some very good stock strategies to follow with auto trading. I think there is no other company which offers to trade unleveraged stocks in your own account with such low commissions.

Lieven Debroucke, Belgium

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