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Compliance Officers

A global solution that provides Compliance Officers with Integrated and Auditable views to monitor Employee Trading Risk and Investment Activity.

MEXEM Compliance Officers

Compliance Officers

MEXEM Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

MEXEM Account Structure

Account Structure

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Your Benefits

Avoid conflicts of interest and other issues caused by employee investment activities.
Assist compliance officers at professional services firms to monitor employees’ trading activity from over 200 countries
and territories.

Manage your EmployeeTack SM Compliance Program with Compliance Portal.

Manage the pre-trade compliance process and limit user access.

Audit account changes, documentation, and exception handling.

Available support for a work-from-home workforce.

Render employee-specific or aggregate reports.

Access to Employee dashboard to search and manage accounts.

Traditional and simplified language support for Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish.

Integrate data with third-party software

Provide Markets access to employees at Low Costs and Maximize Returns.

Access stocks, options, futures, currencies, bonds, and funds in 33 countries countries countries from a single Integrated
Investment Account

Access to Mexem SmartRouting(SM) system and lowest margin rates, providing $0.47 per 100 shares price improvement

The Stock Yield Enhancement Program provides employees with an opportunity to lend their fully paid shares to Mexem
and earn an extra return.

EmployeeTrackSM Structure

A simple, cost-effective solution for professional services firms to
monitor employees' trading activity.

Compliance Officers can appoint compliance employees to administer employee accounts anytime after an application is complete and have access to multiple individual, joint, trust, and IRA employee accounts to monitor trading activity.

Start using EmployeeTrack

We suggest that a senior member of your firm's compliance group complete this application.  After approval, you can link your firm's employees with Mexem accounts and invite those employees who do not have Mexem accounts to complete individual applications.  The compliance officer’s name and contact information indicated in your application will be provided to your employees for any follow-up questions.

Open a Proprietary Trader Account

Our Proprietary Trading Group accounts let corporations and trading organizations authorize multiple traders to enter orders in a single account, or set up individual accounts for traders, or strategies with separate credit limits.We offer two types of Proprietary Trading Group account structures. Both account types provide institutions with the flexibility of trade execution, clearing and prime broker services all within the same account.For information on SIPC coverage on your account, visit or call SIPC at(202) 371-8300.

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