General Questions

What are Single-Stock Futures (SSF)?

Single-stock futures are futures on stock, instead of being on an index or a commodity. We provide direct market entry to stocks, options, futures, forex, bonds, ETFs and CFDs from a single IBKR Universal Account. Clients from most Countries are granted the right to trade futures and benefit from our low commissions. You can subscribe to real time data and request trading permissions from Client Portal/ Account Management. In case you do not subscribe to real time data you will receive free postponed data when available and you will still be able to trade.

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

Two-factor authentiation is an additional layer of security for your MEXEM account designed to confirm that you and only you, can access your account, even if someone else knows your password. MEXEM provides numerous two-factor authentication methods, free of charge, that include both a digital and physical solution: MEXEM Mobile Authentication Digital Security Card+ Additional Information Secure Login System Overview Login Protection Protocol Overview

How do I request a Pattern Day Trader reset?

If your account has been identified as a Pattern Day Trader and you are entitled for a reset, you will be supplied with a link to the PDT reset tool if you seek to enter an order using the TWS. On the other hand, you may request a reset by logging in to the Client Portal/ Account Management and selecting Messages from the menu. Click the Compose button and select Pattern Day Trader Request. If your account is entitled for a reset, you will be assisted through a series of steps to acquire a reset. If you do not see an option to request a reset, please see Why can't I submit a Pattern Day Trade reset request? More information on PDT restrictions can be found in our Knowledge Base.

Do you offer UK ISA accounts?

We do not currently support ISAs (Individual Savings Accounts), QROPs (Qualified Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes), or PRSAs (Personal Retirement Saving Accounts) accounts at the moment. However, MEXEM (UK) Limited supports the ability of SIPP Beneficiary accounts to trade through a MEXEM Cash account. For more information, see: How can I open a UK SIPP account?

What is ACATS?

The Automated Customer Account Transfer Service (ACATS) is the National Securities Clearing Corporation's (NSCC) central processing system for the transfer of positions and accounts between US brokerage firms that are participants in the NSCC's ACATS program. The ACATS system allows you to enter a partial or full transfer request online to move positions and or cash from other ACATS participant firms. More information on ACATS transfers can be found in our Users' Guide.

I am not a U.S. taxpayer. Why do I have to submit IRS Form W-8?

IRS Form W-8 is used to certify your status as a non-U.S. taxpayer. It is also used to claim reduced tax withholding on dividends and other income paid with respect to U.S. securities. Without proper documentation, brokers may be required to impose exceptional withholding tax on transactions occurring in the account and/or report the account as non-compliant to tax authorities. Find a detailed description on how to Update Tax Forms in the Client Portal Users' Guide.

How do I set alerts via SMS in MEXEM Mobile or TWS?

In MEXEM Mobile and TWS you can define price, trade, and margin alerts with trigger notifications sent to your email or as a text message via email to SMS. You must configure your SMS Address for alerts in Client Portal/Account Management before you can use it in MEXEM Mobile or TWS as described below. For information on how to set alerts in the different trading platforms, see the Users' Guide links below: Set alerts in MEXEM Mobile for Android Set alerts in MEXEM Mobile for iPhone Set alerts in TWS

Am I eligible for a debit card?

At this time debit cards are available for IB LLC individual and joint accounts (excluding IRA and UGMA/UTMA accounts ) with US as their country of legal residence. We are not able to confirm when the debit cards will be available to non-US residents. Trust accounts are eligible as long as they meet certain criteria (more details below). While being enabled for IB Key is not required to enroll, it is required to pre-authorize purchases and is highly suggested. The full set of eligibility requirements are as follows: Country of legal residence: United States Country of current residence: United States IB Entity: IBLLC-US TIN is a US Social Security Number Has verified mobile number Individual, Trust or Joint account excluding IRA's Additional restrictions for FA Clients Only US Trust accounts are eligible for a debit card. Trust Accounts can only order cards for the Trustee (must be an individual, not an entity), and only if the Trustee is also a beneficiary. Prior to opening an account, MEXEM MUST establish: Documentary evidence of the existence of the Trust and their authority to act on behalf of the Trust - usually in the form of a copy of an executed Trust Agreement (or court appointed Trust Order) Confirmed EIN for the entity (IRS Letter) CIP/OFAC performed on each of the Trustee Additionally, no Secondary Cards are allowed. There is only one Primary Card for an eligible Trustee per Trust Account. If you qualify for a debit card then review FAQ: How do I apply for an MEXEM debit card?

How do I configure Trading Assistant (TA) notifications?

Trading Notifications are maintained individually from the Trading Assistant (TA) page in MEXEM Mobile, and each is turned on or off by tapping its toggle switch. Currently there is no way to turn off ALL notifications with one action. The Trading Assistant Status at the top of the TA page shows the current on/off status of each notification. To access Trading Assistant in MEXEM Mobile: iPhone and iPad: Tap the More menu and then tap Trading Assistant Android phone and tablet: Tap the Menu icon and then tap Trading Assistant Available notifications include Market, Account, Position, and Trade. Please Note: Trading Assistant (TA) feature of the MEXEM Mobile app is only supported for a single account structure. In case you have linked accounts, it is not possible to modify existing notifications you might have set up when you had a single account. However, if you wish to cancel the existing notifications completely, Client Services can disable them on your behalf. Please note that canceling notifications would mean removing the whole set of notifications. It is not probable to remove any particular notification among the whole set. However, this will not affect active alerts you might have for your accounts, as it is a different feature. For more information, see the MEXEM Mobile Users' Guides for iPhone, iPad, Android phone and Android tablet.

What is SMA?

SMA refers to the Special Memorandum Account, which represents neither equity nor cash, but rather a line of credit created when the market value of securities in a Reg T margin account increase in value. Only the funds sitting in your MEXEM Universal Account's Securities segment are included in SMA. If you are also trading commodities, cash will be moved from the Securities segment to the Commodities segment in order to facilitate the trade. This will cause your SMA to drop accordingly. Once the contract is closed and the margin requirement is released from any statutory hold period, you can have the settled cash swept back to the Securities segment by choosing "Sweep to Securities" for your account's Excess Funds Sweep setting. The SMA balance is not a cash balance and it cannot be transferred into cash.

What tools does MEXEM have available to monitor the margin values in my account?

You can keep track of your margin values in real time using your TWS/Mosaic Account Window by looking in the Margin Requirements and Available for Trading sections. In the MEXEM Mobile open the Account screen and tap on the Margins or Funds tabs. If you would like to see your margin information broken down by position as a daily snap shot you can create a Margin Report in Client Portal/Account Management. Additional information on the Margin Reports can be found in our Users' Guide. To see how the account's real time margin requirements would change when previewing an opening or a closing order you can use the Check Margin Impact feature in TWS or in Check Margin Impact in Mosaic. In the MEXEM Mobile trader tap Preview in the bottom of the Order Ticket.

I am a Non US Person or Entity. When will be my tax forms be ready?

Please visit the Tax Information and Reporting page of the MEXEM website, specifically the Reports and Dates section, to find which forms and worksheets will be available to you and the dates they will be posted to your account. Tax forms are available through Client Portal/Account Management. Go to Reports followed by Tax to view the tax forms currently available for your account.

What is the difference between Securities Margin and Commodities Margin?

For securities, margin is the amount of cash a client borrows against marginable securities in the account. For commodities including futures, single-stock futures and futures options, margin is the amount of cash a client must put up as collateral to support an open futures contract in the account. For additional information please visit MEXEM's Margin Trading web page, the MEXEM Knowledge Base, or our Margin Education web page.

What are MEXEM's Futures Close-Out Policies for futures?

For futures contracts that are settled by the actual physical delivery of the underlying commodity (physical delivery futures), account holders may not make or receive delivery of the underlying commodity. The exception is for the major CME Globex currency futures (EUR, GBP, CHF, AUD, CAD, JPY, HKD). Please note, if the account is not an approved ECP (Eligible Contract Participant) or does not have approved Cash Forex Trading Permissions it will only be permitted to close a cash position resulting from a delivery of an expired Forex future contract. See: What happens if I hold a Forex Future contract through expiration? To avoid deliveries in expiring futures contracts, account holders must roll forward or close out positions prior to the Close-Out Deadline. The date and time MEXEM can start liquidating a specific futures contract due to MEXEM's Futures Close-Out Policy can be found on our website. More information may be found in the MEXEM Knowledge Base. With the recent decision by certain exchanges to support negative pricing, MEXEM has implemented several new policy changes as it relates to expiration/near expiration policies. Oil related future products (Physically and cash settled), which are eligible to trade at negative prices are subject to the same liquidation schedules. Meaning physically delivered contracts and cash settled future products will both be subject to mandatory closeout periods. In addition, beginning five business days prior to expiration, only margin-reducing transactions in expiring month contracts will be accepted for oil-based products eligible to trade at negative prices. See also: Where can I see settlement method of a product in TWS?

Do you offer a money market fund for unused cash?

Clients holding excess funds may earn interest on the balances. The manner in which interest is paid is outlined on our website under Pricing > Interest & Financing. Additionally, MEXEM provides a number of the money market funds from the top issuers. To search the available funds, select an issuer from the list on the website under Products > Product Listings > Funds, and then select " Money Market " from the drop-down Investment Type selector. Note that most funds have an initial investment minimum of USD 10,000.

What is the difference between a Cash account and a Margin account?

Cash accounts purchase assets based on the cash value you deposited in your account. Unlike a margin account, a cash account cannot borrow money from MEXEM to purchase assets. You can upgrade from a cash to margin account as described in: How do I upgrade my account to use Margin? Additional information on margin trading can be found on our website.

What does the message "Insufficient Settled Cash" mean?

When you sell a security or close a position, the cash proceeds from that transaction might not be instantly available for you to apply to a subsequent transaction until the initial transaction has fully settled (see more details regarding settlement date). If you enter an order and receive the following order reject message: "Insufficient Settled Cash", it generally results from one of the following events: You maintain a "Cash" type account which, by definition, is precluded from borrowing funds or engaging in free-riding and may be limited to trading with settled funds; You manage a ‘Margin" or "Cash" type account, have sold or closed a position in the Securities segment and are attempting to apply the proceeds from that transaction to a new futures or futures option transaction carried in the Commodities segment of the account. Note that in the U.S., securities and commodities transactions are subject to distinct regulation and customer protection rules which require that settlement be completed before proceeds can be transferred between the two account segments. Clients who receive this order reject message may elect to: Wait until funds settle to enter the new order; Deposit more funds in the amount necessary for the new order to be accepted (please observe credit hold policies which differ by deposit method); or Minimize the order size to an amount consistent with settled funds. Clients may also receive this rejection message when attempting to purchase a foreign security in a "Cash" type account. Because a "Cash" type account is precluded from borrowing funds, clients will need to place a currency conversion and wait for those funds to settle prior to purchasing a foreign security.

Where can I use my debit card?

The MEXEM Debit Mastercard can be used anywhere Debit Mastercard is accepted, both to make purchases and to withdraw cash from ATMs. ATM withdrawals: Some ATMs require that you choose Checking, Savings or Credit Card. If you are presented with this choice, select Checking to withdraw cash using your Debit Mastercard. Note that Debit Mastercard balance inquiries will not work on ATMs. To check your current available balance, log into mobile TWS and look at the Account/Balances screen.

What is SMA?

SMA refers to the Special Memorandum Account, which represents neither equity nor cash, but rather a line of credit created when the market value of securities in a Reg T margin account increase in value. Only the funds resting in your MEXEM Universal Account's Securities segment are included in SMA. If you are also trading commodities, cash will be moved from the Securities segment to the Commodities segment in order to facilitate the trade. This will cause your SMA to drop accordingly. Once the contract is closed and the margin requirement is released from any statutory hold period, you can have the settled cash swept back to the Securities segment by selecting "Sweep to Securities" for your account's Excess Funds Sweep setting. The SMA balance is not a cash balance and it cannot be transferred into cash. For additional information please visit the MEXEM Knowledge Base.

Do you offer credit cards?

No, MEXEM does not offer credit cards. Eligible clients may request a debit card which will be tied to their account. Debit cards may be requested through Account Management by selecting Transfer & Pay > Integrated Cash Management.

How can I navigate to Classic Account Management?

MEXEM is actively migrating accounts to our new responsive design account management application and will shortly be retiring our Classic Account Management view. A Users' Guide may be found by clicking here. If there is a function you are having difficulty locating, please contact MEXEM Client Services for guidance.

How do I determine my Required Minimum Distribution?

Due to COVID-19 the CARES Act is NOT requiring Traditional IRA 2020 Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) for any IRA owner who is age 70½ before 1/1/2020. Once you reach age 70 1/2, the IRS requires that you withdraw a minimum amount each year from all your IRA and retirement plans (except Roth IRAs) and pay ordinary income on the taxable portion of the withdrawal. This amount is referred to as your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD). Your RMD amount is decided by applying a Life Expectancy Factor set by the IRS to your account balance at the end of the previous year. To estimate your RMD: Locate the IRA Required Minimum Distribution Worksheet on the IRS website; Find your age in the IRS Uniform Lifetime Table located in IRS Publication 550; Locate the corresponding Life Expectancy Factor; and Divide your retirement account balance as of December 31st of the prior year by your Life Expectancy Factor. If you have more than one retirement plan, you will need to estimate the RMD for each separately, although the total may be withdrawn from any one or more of the accounts. Please refer to IRS Publication 550 for additional spousal and beneficiary considerations. Disclaimer: MEXEM does not offer tax guidance or advice and the above is provided for informational purposes only. We recommend that clients consult with a qualified tax advisor or refer to the IRS for any tax-related questions.

How can I export my positions to CSV format?

To view or save your positions into CSV format, first open your Account Window by clicking the Account menu option in TWS followed by Account Window. From there, click the File menu option followed by Export Portfolio… Enter a name for your file and, once finished, click Save. This will work in both a live and paper trading account.

What are the benefits of linkage?

The principal benefits of linkage are ease of access and potential savings in market data subscription fees. Following linkage, all accounts will be accessed via a single User Name, password and SLS device. After login to the trading platform or Client Portal/Account Management you will be provided with a drop-down window for choosing the account you wish to trade or perform administrative tasks thereby eliminating the need to memorize multiple login information or manage more security devices. Additionally, as market data subscriptions are billed at a session level (i.e., User Name) and only a single TWS session can be viewed for any one user at a given time, account holders previously maintaining duplicate market data subscriptions for multiple accounts have the opportunity to consolidate those following linkage.

What is a wash sale?

The IRS defines a wash sale as a sale of stock or securities at a loss within 30 days before or after you buy or acquire in a fully taxable trade, or acquire a contract or option to buy, substantially identical stock or securities. A wash sale occurs if you realize a loss on the sale of the security and then buy a "substantially identical" replacement within the 61-day period, and the loss is deferred until the replacement shares are sold. In addition, the holding period of the original shares is added to the holding period of the newly acquired shares or securities, and constitutes the "Holding Period Date" for wash sales. Please note: The wash sale period is counted from the date in which you realize the loss and is not limited to the lot of shares being closed. For additional information on Wash Sales, please visit the MEXEM website.

What does the phrase " subject to origination restriction" mean?

The phrase "…subject to origination restriction" refers to a restriction imposed upon withdrawals of funds that were deposited via an ACH or EFT and initiated through your MEXEM account. Funds transferred in this manner are subject to clawback by the sending institution in the event of fraud or error. As the length of this clawback period is extensive, clients are restricted from withdrawing the funds to anywhere other than the bank from which they originated for a period of 44 business days after deposit (60 business days in the case of Canadian EFT deposits). ACH and EFT deposits may be withdrawn after the initial 4 business day credit hold has expired if sent back to the originating bank.

How can I make a charitable transfer of securities?

Requests to transfer securities from an MEXEM account to a qualified charity will be accepted under the following conditions: The security is a U.S. stock, warrant or bond; The security is eligible for transfer via DTC; The recipient is a recognized charity capable of accepting DTC transfers; The request is submitted on the applicable Charitable Gift Transfer - Letter of Authorization which is subject to signature and/or verbal verification. Note: **If transferring only a portion of shares for any given security, your default tax lot identification method will be used for purposes of deciding the cost basis of the securities transferred. This election cannot be changed once the securities have transferred. For more details, see What is the default method for assigning tax lots?

Do advisor clients receive statements in the mail?

Quarterly statements are automatically sent to the client's mailing address. At this time MEXEM does not support an opt-out feature for this service or electronic delivery. Quarterly summaries are available for download as a PDF file under the Report Management section in Account Management.

What is a Friends and Family Advisor account?

MEXEM's Friends and Family Advisor solutions let you maintain, trade and report on numerous accounts from a single master account and serves as a first step for advisors starting or growing their business. The Friends and Family Advisor account allows you to manage 15 or fewer accounts of varying types under a single login including Individual, Joint, Trust, IRA, UGMA/UTMA, Corporation, Partnership, Limited Liability Company, and Unincorporated Legal Structures. Please note, the Friends and Family Advisor account is not available to clients of MEXEM Hong Kong Ltd. For additional information, please review the webpage for MEXEM's Friends and Family Advisor account structure.

How can I see my portfolio in TWS?

In Mosaic: From the Monitor panel click "+" to add a new page, then choose Portfolio. Use your Portfolio to see your P&L, Net Liquidity, Margin, and positions. Change the way positions are grouped by right-clicking the Financial Instrument column and selecting a new Group By method. Sort positions by column by clicking the column name. To see account information, open the Account window by clicking Account in your portfolio, or by selecting Account Window from the Account menu. In Classic TWS, you can see your portfolio by clicking the Account menu option followed by Portfolio Window. More Information How do I see my portfolio performance and add hypothetical positions in TWS? How do I delete a closed trade from my Portfolio window in Mosaic? How can I reset the TWS portfolio screen to the default? How can portfolio symbols be alphabetically sorted? How do I enable Continuous Sorting in my portfolio on TWS? Why can I not see a new position in my Portfolio in TWS? How can I export my positions to CSV format?

What does the error message Account May Not Hold Positions: Short Call mean?

Recipients of this message have either opened a Cash Account or have enabled Limited Option Trading permissions. Cash Accounts are not able to hold uncovered short call positions. If you wish to upgrade to a margin account, please access Account Management under the Settings > Account Settings menu, you may choose the configure gear icon to update your Account Type. You might also see that message even if you have a margin account but you have enabled the "Limited Option Trading" permissions. If you want to trade options but do not have enough experience, you can choose Limited Option Trading on the Trading Permission screen. Limited option trading is available with any investment objective that you select on the Configure Financial Information screen. Limited option trading lets you trade these option strategies: Long Call or Put Covered Calls Short Naked Put: Only if covered by cash Call Spread: Only European-style cash-settled Put Spread: Only, European-style cash-settled Long Butterfly: Only European-style cash settled Iron Condor: Only European-style cash settled. To turn off Limited Option Trading log into Account Management or click on the menu bars icon in the upper left in the Client Portal then go to Settings > Account Settings > Trading Permissions and click on the configure gear icon > go to the section for Options and if US Options are selected look just to the right and uncheck the box for "Limited Option Trading" permissions then save your change.

I lost my phone with MEXEM Mobile installed. What do I do?

If you lost your phone, you can migrate MEXEM Mobile Authentication (IB Key) to your new phone following the steps listed in the MEXEM Knowledge Base. In any other case, we ask that you request temporary account access by contacting MEXEM Client Services (Secure Login department) on the phone number best suitable for your location. For MEXEM Contact Information, please visit the MEXEM website.

What is a Trusted Contact?

Clients have the opportunity to offer the name and contact information of an individual, referred to as a trusted contact, who MEXEM would be authorized to contact and disclose information about their account to address possible financial exploitation, to confirm the specifics of the customer's current contact information, health status, or the identity of any legal guardian, executor, trustee or holder of a power of attorney. There is no requirement that clients offer a trusted contact and, unless added as a user to the account, the trusted contact is not provided login access to the account nor the authority to make trade or funding decisions. For instructions on adding a trusted contact, click here.

Why does Client Portal say "You are currently logged in without Trading/Market Data permissions"?

A given username can only have one trading session active at a given time. If you have a trading session running (e.g. TWS or MEXEM Mobile) and you start another session (e.g. Client Portal), you will be warned upon login to Client Portal with the message "You are currently logged in without Trading/Market Data permissions. You are logged into the Brokerage system on another platform. You can only trade and view real-time market data on one platform at a time. You can still manage your account but can't trade. Another session with the same user name has disconnected your session." You can click on the "Log in with Trading/Market Data" button to enable trading access on Client Portal and disconnect the other trading session.

Do options use an ISIN identification number?

US Stock options do not use an ISIN identifier. US Stock options have an identification number consistent with the Options Symbology Initiative used by the OCC and the option exchanges. For example, the Facebook (FB) Aug'18 190 Put option has an identifier of FB 180831P00190000. For additional information, please visit the MEXEM Knowledge Base.

Is my account insured?

The securities portions of your account is insured for up to $30 million regardless of your country of residency. Excess funds in your commodities account are only swept into your securities account at the end of each day if you have chosen the option under Excess Funds Sweep. You can make your designation for Excess Funds Sweep in Client Portal/Account Management by choosing Settings followed by Account Settings and Configuration. Additional information on account protection can be found on our website.

How can I open an estate account with MEXEM?

MEXEM does not accept applications from existing estate accounts but will only create an estate account in the event of the death of an existing account holder. When an estate account is created for an existing account holder, assets will only be distributed in the name of the estate and not to individual heirs. Notification of the death of an MEXEM account holder should be sent to

How do I access QuickTrade?

You can access QuickTrade from our website by logging in to Client Portal from the Login button in the top-right of the page. Once inside Client Portal click on the 3 horizontal lines icon on the top-left corner and select QuickTrade from the side panel. Additional information on using the Order Management Panel in QuickTrade can be found in our Users' Guide. Also see: How do I place an order in Client Portal?

Can live and paper accounts be open on different computers?

Yes, you can log in to your live and paper accounts simultaneously. However, you can only get market data on both if you are logged in on the same computer (assuming you are subscribed to live market data). If you are logged into both accounts on separate computers, you will only receive data on the live account.

Can I deposit from joint bank accounts?

Clients may deposit from their joint bank accounts using the deposit methods available via the Transfer & Pay , Transfer Funds menu in Client Portal/Account Management. Certain payment instructions will be shown during the deposit notification process. Please check with your bank for any restrictions on their end.

Can I deposit CNY into my account?

While's China's national currency is officially called the Renminbi (RMB or Chinese Yuan), there are two kinds of Chinese Yuan: onshore (CNY) and offshore (CNH). MEXEM supports deposits and withdrawals of offshore Chinese Yuan (CNH). Additional information on entering deposits can be found in our Users' Guide.

Why did Client Portal log me out?

To protect your assets and data in the event you forget to log out or leave your device unattended, your Client Portal session will time out after 60 minutes of inactivity. This is a system setting and it cannot be adjusted by the user. If you are being logged out prior to the 60 minute session expiration, please try one of the following troubleshooting steps: Clear your Cookies and Cache for the browser you are using Test different Internet Browsers. e.g. Firefox, Chrome, IE or Safari Confirm if you notice the same logout behavior when logged in via your Smartphone Restart your Internet Modem and restart your Computer. Should you need assistance, please contact MEXEM Client Services.

How can I enroll in electronic/paperless delivery of Shareholder Materials?

MEXEM's default setting for distributing shareholder communications (e.g., proxy materials and annual reports) from US and Canadian issuers is electronic delivery. This means that if you were a shareholder of record then you will be emailed the proxy material when emailing of material is allowed. Find additional information on how to ensure you receive the paperless material in our Knowledge Base. Note that in specific instances, shareholder communications will be sent via postal mail even if you have elected electronic delivery. See Why do I still receive physical mail if I requested electronic delivery of shareholder communications? for details.

How can I send a feedback to MEXEM?

PROVIDE GENERAL FEEDBACK ACCESS NEW FEATURES POLL Click on the links above to provide a general feedback to MEXEM or access the New Features Poll (only for customers) to add, review, comment or vote suggestions for future technology enhancements. Note: To add New Features Poll suggestions or vote, you must login to the New Features Poll first with a separate login for online features. See: How do I set up an online features screen name?

What types of APIs are available?

MEXEM provides the following API types: Trader Workstation (TWS API) - offers the most features and is made available to any clients with trading access. WT Web API - offered to white-branded advisors and introducing brokers and provides streaming and historical data. Client Portal Web API beta- offered to all clients to provide a RESTful interface to the Client Portal via a small local gateway. 3rd party Web API - offered to 3rd party vendors to connect their end users to their accounts at MEXEM for trading stocks and forex. Additonal information on our API solutions can be found on our website.

How do I find all the available currency pairs?

Liquidity providers do not provide quotes on all currency pairs and if you are seeking to convert funds between currencies that are not directly quoted, you would need to find a common currency that is quoted against both and perform the conversion using two separate orders. Using CHF and HKD as an example, if you are seeking to convert CHF to HKD you would need to find a common currency such as the USD that can be exchanged with either. Here, you could first convert the CHF balance to USD and then convert the USD proceeds to CHF. Please follow the below steps to convert CHF balance to USD in TWS: In an empty ticker row, type in USD.CHF (as you would for a stock symbol). Create a BUY order (to buy USD and sell equivalent amount of CHF). Modify the quantity you wish to convert (in terms of USD), select your order type and your desired price. Click transmit once everything looks correct. Please follow the below steps to convert USD balance to HKD in TWS: In an empty ticker row, type in USD.HKD (as you would for a stock symbol). Create a SELL order (to sell USD and buy equivalent amount of HKD). Modify the quantity you wish to convert (in terms of USD), select your order type and your desired price. Click transmit once everything looks correct.

How do I ensure that my LEI is not renewed?

If you requested an LEI through MEXEM and do not want it renewed at its annual renewal date, you would need to submit this request via the Message Center within Account Management at least two weeks in advance of your renewal date. Please note that certain exchanges need the submission of an LEI as a condition of accepting an order and if you do not manage an active LEI both opening and closing orders are subject to rejection. We therefore recommend that you review and close existing positions prior to terminating your LEI. See In what instances is an LEI required? for more details.

Where did MEXEM Mobile go?

After MEXEM Mobile goes to the background (when you take an incoming call, for example) you can bring it back by clicking on the MEXEM Mobile application icon or by a long press on Home button. Note that in the latter case MEXEM Mobile might not be listed among the currently running applications, especially if it was sitting in the background for long time. This is completely normal as Android shuts down inactive applications automatically when it needs resources.

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