How can I downgrade from Professional to Non-Professional status for market data purposes?

To request a downgrade to Non-Professional, log in to Client Gateway/Account Management and go to the Settings, User Settings menu. In the Trading Platform section, click the Configure (gear) icon next to the words Market Data Subscriptions. In the top right corner you will see a section titled Market Data Subscriber Status. If there is a Configure (gear) icon in this section, click it to request a downgrade to Non-Professional. If you do not see a Configure (gear) icon in this section, then you must modify your Non-Professional Questionnaire. Two sections below Market Data Subscriber Status you will see the Non-Professional Questionnaire. Click the Configure (gear) icon in this section to modify your Non-Professional Questionnaire. Once you have filled this out it will be reviewed by MEXEM Compliance and your subscriber status will be manually changed upon approval.

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