How do I subscribe to market data from Client Portal?

In order to see live market data, you must subscribe to market data through Client Portal/ Account Management: Log in to Client Portal/ Account Management Click on Settings followed by User Settings Under Trading Platforms select the configure icon (gear) next to Market Data Subscriptions Click the Configure icon (gear) next to Current GFIS Subscriptions to review what other services may interest you. The market data will activate instantly for funded accounts or after your funds have cleared in your new account. If you do not subscribe to real time data, you will receive free postponed data when available and you will still be able to trade. If you subscribe to a market data service and unsubscribe on the same day, you may not be charged for the service provided you never had that service of market data before and did not engage in any trades. You can read more information on subscribing to market data in our Users' Guide.

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