Why am I no longer receiving live market data?

If you are subscribed to market data but are currently only receiving delayed data, it may be because you are already logged in on another device with either your live account or paper account. Be sure to log off of your live or paper account on the other device and your data should be restored. If your account balance has recently dipped below the threshold for maintaining real time market data. When your account value goes below the following thresholds your live market data will be shut off: Individual Accounts (unless listed below): USD 500 (or non-US equivalent) Financial Advisor: USD 500 (or non-US equivalent) Friends and Family Advisor: USD 200 (or non-US equivalent) Indian Residents trading with an IB India Account: USD 100 (or non-US equivalent) Clients whose data terminated due to insufficient equity will need to meet the Qualification Requirement before re-subscribing. If your account balance is above the required threshold for maintaining real time market data, but upon charge of market data fees your equity is insufficient to pay for all the subscriptions, the system will terminate the subscriptions that you are unable to pay for. If you have an outdated market data questionnaire and have not updated the form MEXEM may terminate your market data until a new questionnaire is completed. If you do not log into Trader Workstation (TWS) for 60 days, you will be notified that your active market data and research subscriptions will expire at the end of the current month. You can avoid subscription termination by logging into TWS or by choosing to continue the subscriptions on the Market Data and Research pages in Client Portal/Account Management. If any of the above are not the issue, please try to refresh your market data connection by using the Ctrl + Alt + F keys on your keyboard. Otherwise, contact MEXEM by phone for additional troubleshooting.

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