Why Mexem

Lower Costs

Mexem is leading the way for lower fees in Global Markets

We understand your broker's  commission may be the difference between success and failure in trading and that's why Mexem's commission structure is one of the lowest in the industry. 

 Trading with Mexem may makes the difference for you! 

No software fee       Free premium tools       Smart Routing execution

Comparison of trading costs in the United States


Regulation and security

  • All clients' funds are protected by the SIPC up to a value of $ 500,000.

  • Mexem is EU regulated and registered in CYsec,

  • Our clearing firm is regulated by the American SEC, FINRA and NFC.

  • Clients funds are deposited into leading banks.

Advanced trading systems

Interactive Brokers’ trading platform is designed for the most advanced trading in the world.
Maximize the speed and efficiency of your trading with Interactive Brokers' state of the art platform - TWS. This platform can be fully customized for your needs.

Reports & Analysis

Mexem's reports and analysis are custom designed and cover all of the aspects that are needed in order to monitor the client's investment accounts:

• Creating daily, monthly, or yearly reports in PDF/HTML format, with the ability to choose specific fields of information.

• Enabling the creation of automatic reports that can be sent to your e-mail on a regular basis.

• Customizing  statements to view detailed information about your account activity, including positions, cash balances, transactions, and much more.

• Downloading statements in different file formats, including XML, text and more.

Risk Management

  • The use of the real-time market risk management platform enables our cients to  monitor and adjust their risk profiles

  • It enables our clients to understand and manage their trading risk at any given moment of the day in order to react quickly to changes in the market.

  • It has enforced limits for each account, automatically liquidating positions if any individual account violates its limits at any time.

Global Markets

Trade in more than 120 markets across 26 countries.
Trade in stocks, options, futures, debentures, ETFs  all from one trading account.
Our trading system (TWS) achieved a ranking of 4.5 stars by Barron's.


Our trading platform, Interactive Broker, has been rated the best online broker for 2018 by Barron's as well as being  a top online broker for eight consecutive years


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