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A solution for endowments, foundations, pensions, family offices, funds of funds, and institutions looking to invest in hedge funds. Discover, sort, and compare hedge fund strategies that match your clients’ investment goals.

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The MEXEM Hedge Fund Marketplace allows you to access information and documents about participating hedge funds and includes private placement memorandum, subscription information, and performance summaries.

Discover, sort, and compare hedge fund strategies that match your clients’ investment goals.

Contact management at over 50 independent hedge funds through the Hedge Fund Marketplace or let the fund contact you directly.

By completing a short questionnaire on the Client Portal, you can access the Hedge Fund Marketplace without having an IBKR brokerage account.

Hedge Fund Marketplace

MEXEM's Hedge Fund Marketplace is an online version of a traditional Capital Introduction program.

The program allows Hedge Funds that use MEXEM as their principal Prime Broker to market their Funds to MEXEM clients and other Hedge Funds who already market their funds to MEXEM clients at the Hedge Fund Marketplace.

* Clients need to be Accredited Investors and or Qualified Purchasers.


Open a Fund Administrator Account

  • The account allows access to the Hedge Fund Marketplace via Client Portal.
  • To be eligible for an account, you must be an Accredited Investor or Qualified
  • Your account does not require funding.
  • Upon successful application, you can log into the Client Portal to view Hedge Funds at the Hedge Fund Marketplace.

The hedge Fund Marketplace includes performance information on participating hedge funds and disclosures concerning the risks involved when investing in hedge funds. Inter alia, hedge funds may engage in speculative and or leveraged investments, potentially increasing the risk of investment loss.  Currently, entities in the U.K. are not eligible for Hedge Fund Allocator accounts.

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