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We base most of our strategies on data-driven algorithmic trading while combining traditional market analysis methods with quantitative models, deep learning algorithms, and an expert system that outperforms their benchmarks.

Unlike many other algorithmic strategies, MEXEM prefers fewer but thoroughly analyzed qualitative trades, meaning that we are not a High-Frequency Trader (HFT).

With transparency as our top priority, we ensure 24/7 access to your portfolio's status and product investments and also allow you to combine several of our strategies into a tailored portfolio.

Our broad spectrum of strategies and possibilities lets us remain flexible toward our clients' specific needs without losing the ability to adapt to market conditions quickly.

We continuously strive to beat average market returns to help you shape a better future.

Our algorithm-powered strategies process information quicker and more accurately to maximize upside opportunities.

The algorithm also sidestep human assessment errors and emotions when entering or exiting a trade, keeping us more successful in bullish and bearish markets.

Let MEXEM take care of your financial strength so you can enjoy the little things in life.

Low fees MEXEM-ize your returns

Don't let high fees suppress your potential profit!

MEXEM ensures a fair and attractive remuneration scheme based on your portfolio type.

• For traditional portfolio management, we charge a low, fixed management fee.
• We base our remuneration on your profits by charging a performance fee for tailored portfolio management that offers mutually beneficial results.

To achieve this type of remuneration, we use a performance fee with a High-Water Mark (HWM), meaning that you only pay a percentage of your actual profits.

Profits are charged only once, and the usual rates for trade executions apply. There are no entry or exit fees.

Personal approach

Active follow-up

Everything here comes with the same low fees
that MEXEM is known for.

Let's GO! with MEXEM Portfolio Management.

Let MEXEM build you a portfolio.

MEXEM has you covered.

You can choose one or more of our portfolios based on your risk appetite, financial standing, and time horizon.

Or, allow MEXEM to find and select a tailored strategy that will suit your needs.

We firmly believe in our strategies.

Therefore, our commitment to low management fees, combined with remuneration based on your portfolio, will yield new profit highs for our clients.

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