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How can I confirm if a security is available for trading?

To check if a security is accessible for trading, type in the stock symbol or ISIN into an empty Watchlist line and hit Enter. If available, a window will appear granting you the opportunity to load the symbol into the Watchlist and place a trade. If you require more confirmation on any restrictions, please submit a inquiry/trouble ticket via Message Center with the symbol and ISIN for review.

How do I enable trading for outside regular trading hours?

You can enable trading for outside of regular trading hours from within the Global Configuration of TWS. Click on the Edit menu option and choose Global Configuration. On the left side, click the option for Presets. On the right side, the Presets section will load. The first section should be timing. Look out for the box that says "Allow order to be activated, or filled outside of regular trading hours (if available)". Check this box, and select Apply and OK at the bottom of the screen. If you only want your oder to be eligible to activate during the pre-opened session and not after hours, you can check the box that says "Allow order to be routed and executed during pre-open session". More information on how to trade stocks during the pre-market or post-market can be found in our Knowledge Base.

How do I access Trader Workstation?

Clients, applicants and other potential clients can all access our trading platform known as Trader Workstation (TWS) by installing it on their computer and double-clicking the Trader Workstation icon placed on the desktop. On the log in screen, enter the Username and Password of your MEXEM Account or select "No username? Try the demo_"_ to test drive TWS before opening an account. Use the Trading Mode drop down selector, to gain access to our simulated trading mode by selecting Paper Trading or Live trading if you are ready to get started with your real account. After entering your credentials and proceed to log in by selecting the button from the bottom of the window.

How do I change my passport number?

You will require assistance from our Client Services team to update your passport number on your account. Please send an email to MEXEM as directed on our website (Upload/ Fax/ Post tab) and add the following information in your email: Account ID (subject line) Summary of information to update Scan of the ID document you wish to update If required, we will contact you with any questions.

How can I add another person to my individual account?

The potential to add another person to your individual account depends upon their intended ability or role. The 4 most familiar roles are the following: Owner - account holders may not include another person to an existing account, if the result of adding that individual would serve to change account ownership. If, for example, you are seeking to convert your individual account into a joint account, you would be required to initiate a joint account application, engage in the agreements correlated with that account and request a transfer of assets thereafter. See Converting From a Single to Joint Account. Beneficiary - the addition of a beneficiary or nominee is supported for a limited set of account types (e.g. a Transfer of Death for U.S. individuals and IRA accounts). See How can I designate a beneficiary on my account? User - account holders might add a non-employee individual as a user and allow them certain account access rights (e.g., reports, trading). Note that adding a user to assist with operating and/ or keeping track of the account implies no charge in ownership. See Adding (non-employee) users to an individual account for information on adding a non-employee user. Trusted Contact - an individual who MEXEM would be accredited to contact and disclose information regarding their account to address potential financial exploitation, to verify the specifics of the client's latest contact information, health status, or the indentity of any legal guardian, trustee, executor or holder of a power of attorney. This individual is not provided with entry to the account nor are they authorized to accept any transactions for the account. See What is a Trusted Contact?

Can I changed my primary username?

No, the primary username is created at the point of account application and is correlated with the account permissions, trading capabilities, and login access in addition to disclosures, agreements and acknowledgements. It is not possible to edit an already existing username or create a secondary user a primary user, or vice versa.

Funds & Banking


When will my deposit be credited to my account?

To log in to Client Portal, use the button above and check on the status of your deposit. You may also check the Message Center for a verification message that is generated when a deposit is processed. The date on which funds will be credited to your account will be dependent on the method of funds transfer: Wire From instant to four business days, depending on your bank. Non-U.S. banks are usually at the longer end of the range. Credit to account is instant upon arrival. MEXEM provides a one-day holding period for GBP Faster Payments. ACH Transfer ACH seeks of more than $25,000 will be received from your bank on the next business day and credited to your account after four business days under usual circumstances. ACH seeks of $25,000 or less received by 11:00 am ET will be credited to your account the same day and available to trade after four business days under usual circumstances. ACH seeks of $25,000 or less received by 11:00 am ET will be received from your bank on the following business day and credited to your account after four business days under usual circumstances. Check (All checks including retirement plan checks) USD Checks Only Bank, Bill Payment, and Personal checks for US Dollars are accepted. Click here for a list of acceptable/ unacceptable check types. Funds are credited to your account after a 6 business day credit hold, with the deviation of Bank Checks, which are credited instantly. HKD Checks Only personal checks are approved. Funds are credited within one business day after we receive official confirmation from our bank that the funds have cleared. Online Bill Payment Electronic fund transfers are credited to your account instantly. US checks will be credited to your account after six business days. BPAY From instant to four business days, depending on your bank. A credit account is instant upon arrival. Canadian Bill Payment Bill payments submitted through your online bank payment system before 18:00 EST are normally received by IBKR within three business days and are instantly credited upon receipt. Canadian Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) EFT requests received by 09:30 ET will be credited to your account after four business days under usual circumstances. Direct Rollover, Trustee-to-Trustee, Late Rollover, Employee/Employer SEP Contribution, Recharacterization, Roth IRA Conversion (IRA accounts only) depends on third-party administrators.

How do I transfer funds to MEXEM?

Log in to Client Portal/Account Management Select the Transfer & Pay option followed by Transfer Funds and Deposit Funds Select the Currency option of this deposit from the drop-down menu Select the "how to" button for the procedure you will be using to transfer funds Follow the remaining instructions supplied to begin the transfer with your bank Additional Information Upon finalizing the deposit notification, you may be required to contact the establishment that is transferring the funds to begin the transaction. You may be asked to supply the name and account number for the establishment you are transferring funds from and the amount IBKR should expect to receive. Resources How do I transfer positions to IBKR? What are the available methods for transfer of funds into my account? What is a third party deposit?

How do I transfer funds out of MEXEM?

Use the above button to log in to Client Portal and submit a request to withdraw funds. Login to Client Portal/Account Management Select Transfer & Pay followed by Transfer Funds **and **Withdraw Funds Select the Currency, Method, and Amount of the withdrawal to finalize your request To wire funds straight to another broker, please select Financial Institution when the system asks "Where will the funds be deposited?" and enter your destination brokerage account details. If unavailable, please submit a ticket using the Message Center with wire instructions where you will be further assisted by a representative. Please Note: Your bank's correspondent bank details will be needed if you are withdrawing a foreign currency. We recommend validating those details with your bank before proceeding. Related FAQs Why was I charged a fee for a cash withdrawal? Can I transfer funds from my MEXEM joint account to my individual bank account? How do I remove a currency restriction from my account? Submitting Withdrawals Users' Guide

Can I trade futures through MEXEM?

Yes, trade a range of futures across numerous market centers, at commission rates that are amidst the lowest in the online brokerage industry. To be authorized for future permissions you will need to meet all the requirements listed on the webpage: Trading Requirements. You can subscribe to real time data and request trading permissions from Client Portal/Account Management. In case you do not subscribe to real time data you will receive free data when available and you will still be able to trade.

Do you offer trading on the Pink/ OCT markets?

Yes, MEXEM provides trading on the Pink Sheets and OTC stocks that are certified with the SEC. See how to request trading permissions to trade US penny stocks.

Can I trade Bitcoin?

We provide trading in Bitcoin futures and a number of stocks and ETFs accompanied with cryptocurrencies. However, these products are all denominated and settled in government issued currencies such as the USD. We do not provide trading in any physical crypto-currency nor do we accept crypto currencies for purposes of satisfying any settlement or payment agreement. Please see the MEXEM Knowledge Base for additional details.


Fees & Interest

How can I convert currency at MEXEM?

To convert currency at MEXEM you must do so using one of our trading platforms. For information on how to convert currency in your favored trading platform, please visit one of the pages below: How do I convert currency in TWS? How do I convert currency in IBKR Mobile? How do I convert currency in WebTrader? How do I convert currency in Client Portal? For further information on converting currency with MEXEM, please explore the links below: Closing an account and want to convert balances? Unable to find your desired currency pair?

What are the tickers for spot gold and spot silver?

The ticker symbol for spot gold is XAUUSD, whereas the ticker symbol for spot silver is XAGUSD. After entering the ticker, select Commodity. Entitled clients must apply for Metals trading permissions via the Trading Permissions page in Client Portal/ Account Management. You can enter trading permissions by clicking the Configure icon under Trading Permissions from the settings followed by Account Settings menu. Please Note: MEXEM Spot Gold and MEXEM Spot Silver trading is available to clients who are not legal residents of the U.S., Canada, Australia, Japan or Hong Kong.

What is the contract size of spot gold and spot silver?

MEXEMSpot Gold (XAUUSD) and MEXEM Spot Silver (XAGUSD) are traded in units of 1 troy ounce fine gold and fine silver, respectively, and are quoted vs USD. Please Note: MEXEM Spot Gold and MEXEM Spot Silver trading is available to clients who are not legal residents of the U.S., Canada, Australia, Japan or Hong Kong.

Am I currently using margin?

Investing in margin is borrowing cash to open a new position. If the aggregate cash balance in a given account is a debit (negative balance), then funds are being borrowed and the loan is subject to interest fees. Note that even if the aggregate cash balance is a credit, a loan may still remain resulting in balance netting or timing differences. For additional information, please see How to determine if you are borrowing funds from MEXEM in the MEXEM Knowledge Base.

Why am I paying interest?

Interest can be charged to accounts for several reasons, but it is most frequently charged when you are borrowing funds from MEXEM. This is generally associated with carrying a debit settled cash balance. However, customers should also note that carrying a high credit balance in specific currencies might also be subject to paying credit interest fees due to the negative benchmark rates presently inflicted by a few central banking systems. Our present rates, with the applicable benchmarks included, are available on the  Interest & Financing page of our website. Clients should note, accounts containing a Net Asset Value (NAV) of $100,000 (or equivalent) or more will be paid interest at the full rate for which they are entitled. Accounts with NAV of less than $100,000 (or equivalent) will receive interest at rates comparable to the size of the account. For example, an account with NAV of $50,000 will earn credit interest at a rate equal to one-half the rait paid by IBKR to accounts with a NAV of $100,000 or more. It is vital to consider that short stock collateral and futures risk margin are backed out of settled cash amounts when deciding interest. On the other hand, short stock positions may be subject to hard to borrow fees, as described on the Securities Financing page of our website. Interest estimations are made on a one day lag and accruals will be reflected on accounts one the estimated sum surpasses a posting threshold of $1.00 (or equivalent).

How can I avoid the monthly activity fee?

The monthly activity fee may be waived if the account has an average Net Liquidation Value greater than or equal to USD 100,000 (or non-USD equivalent). The monthly activity fee may also be waived based on commissions generated. The monthly activity is waived the first three full calendar months after a new account is opened. For information on the commission requirements, please refer to our website under Pricing followed by Account Minimums.

General Questions

What are Single-Stock Futures (SSF)?

Single-stock futures are futures on stock, instead of being on an index or a commodity. We provide direct market entry to stocks, options, futures, forex, bonds, ETFs and CFDs from a single IBKR Universal Account. Clients from most Countries are granted the right to trade futures and benefit from our low commissions. You can subscribe to real time data and request trading permissions from Client Portal/ Account Management. In case you do not subscribe to real time data you will receive free postponed data when available and you will still be able to trade.

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

Two-factor authentiation is an additional layer of security for your MEXEM account designed to confirm that you and only you, can access your account, even if someone else knows your password. MEXEM provides numerous two-factor authentication methods, free of charge, that include both a digital and physical solution: MEXEM Mobile Authentication Digital Security Card+ Additional Information Secure Login System Overview Login Protection Protocol Overview

How do I request a Pattern Day Trader reset?

If your account has been identified as a Pattern Day Trader and you are entitled for a reset, you will be supplied with a link to the PDT reset tool if you seek to enter an order using the TWS. On the other hand, you may request a reset by logging in to the Client Portal/ Account Management and selecting Messages from the menu. Click the Compose button and select Pattern Day Trader Request. If your account is entitled for a reset, you will be assisted through a series of steps to acquire a reset. If you do not see an option to request a reset, please see Why can't I submit a Pattern Day Trade reset request? More information on PDT restrictions can be found in our Knowledge Base.

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