Remote Control

Linking a Direct Account from IB to Mexem

step 1

Go to Account Management

Manage Account >  Setting > Fees > Pricing Structure >  You need to guarantee that both possibilities are marked as fixed

step 2

Manage Account a Add/Link Account > Link Account to Advisor/Broker

-  Please write the number of our account - IXXXXX

-  Write our company's name: MexeM LTD

-  Sign your name

-  Enter the confirmation number that was sent to your email.


At the end of the process please contact us so we can approve your request.


Clarifications in the course of a full disclosure:
Mexem deals both directly and indirectly concerning activity of; securities, financial assets, managing mutual funds, marking funds, and in marketing activity in the global capital markets.
Mexem operates as an investment marketer (and not as a financial advisor), and therefore, in the course of its activity, deals inter alia with the marketing of investments in securities as well as in financial assets (hereinafter together: "Financial Assets"). Consequently, there may be an affinity between Mexem and the owners of the Financial Assets that are marketed by Mexem. Mexem may receive benefits regarding the Financial Assets that that are purchased to the client's account. Mexem may prefer the Financial Assets that it has an affinity towards, compared to other Financial Assets that are similar in regards to their suitability for the client. However, Mexem does not have an affinity to them as set in the Advisement Law as well as according to the terms that are mentioned regarding engagement in investment marketing or portfolio management.  
As applicable, Mexem may be entitled to prefer a Financial Asset that it has an affinity to it over another Financial Asset that is similar in regards to the suitability of the client to that Financial Asset, but it doesn't have an affinity to it. It is hereby made clear that the aforementioned shall apply to the client only if Mexem shall market to the client a Financial Asset or will provide the client with portfolio management services.

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