Can I specify the exchange on which to execute in TWS?

If entering an order for a product which is provided on numerous venues or exchanges, you will be presented with a routing destination menu providing a choice of either SMART or the various exchanges offered. After entering the product symbol on the TWS quote line, if you choose Smart from the Destination field MEXEM will search for the best price available at the time of your order and seek to instantly execute your order electronically. If you select a certain exchange, your order will be routed to that particular exchange only. Note that when entering a symbol in the Financial Instrument field you may have to expand the next menu by clicking on the small circle at the bottom to see the choice for "Stock (Directed)". The TWS User Guide page with the steps to create a Direct Routed market data row for a specific exchange can be found at Add Market Data Once you have Direct Routed a stock order the exchange holding your order can either Cancel or Re-Price your order away from the NBBO as not to lock or cross the NBBO Bid/Ask market if your order's price is marketable at a different venue. Note that direct routed orders may be subject to a higher commission than Smart routed orders and this may vary based upon product type and method of order entry. See website for details.

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